We Need Your Help!

Our mission depends on the support of the communities we serve.

By volunteering with Whispering Hearts Therapy, you’re helping us create the healing power of Soft-Touch Therapy with minature horses and donkeys for the elderly, folks with disabilities, children, veterans, and people experiencing grief and stress. When people encounter these gentle animals, they can’t help but smile.  Our hope is that these interactions can make someone’s day and bring relief from troubles and pain.

We can’t do it without our Volunteers and Roundup Posse members, we appreciate them deeply!

Start TODAY and help us help those in need.

Volunteers and Roundup Posse Members

Volunteer positions – Try one or more.

Barn Maintenance – Get down and dirty with Mother Earth.  Help includes, cleaning stalls and pens, maintaing water troughs, fixing or moving fencing, off loading hay and feeds, as well as general cleanup.

Care and Feeding – This involves stopping by once or twice a day to feed, water and lightly clean pens as needed.  

Grooms – Brushing, bathing and excercising our little helpers is important to their health and well being.  Each Volunteer will have 1 or 2 minis assigned to them and would be needed 3 times a week to daily but, always before an event.

Handler – Here you’ll help with the training of the minis and handling them at events.  If you love interacting with people and know about equines (or we’ll train you) this is for you.

Roundup Posse Members

In addition to the Volunteers, Handlers, and Board Members, Whispering Hearts Therapy’s Round Up Posse is made up of individuals dedicated to supporting the non-profit and making a difference in the community.

There are seven key areas of the Posse:  

  1. Overall Operations and Support.
  2. Building and recruitment of volunteers.
  3. Fund Raising (including Grants and Long-Term on-going funding including memberships).
  4. Health and Well Being of Animals and Members of the organization.
  5. Outbound Communications (Social Media sites, Website, Networks etc.).
  6. Event coordination and planning with sister organizations and partnerships.
  7. Acquiring about and maintaining business partnerships.

We can’t do it without you, please join us TODAY!

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